Steps, planned, activities and trip

The tour is for everyone. Walking is random and without nothings miss the visit. 

DURATION : 4:15. Note that for the private tour, duration and departure time can be changed as needed.

step 1

Historic area

Itinerary : From the port area to the Pyramid (La Baie)  
Planned Activities : Theme: La Baie (heritage sector) - A business town. Commentated tour of *workman's road* and the high-end executive neighbourhood remaining from the defunct Consolidated Bathurst. Discover the different styles of architecture and learn how the city of Saguenay developped / Theme: History and Heritage. Visit the cradle of colonization of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and the memorial sites: Monument des 21, the Ha! Ha! Pyramid and different museums . Here our guide will tell you all about the history of colonization and many more interesting facts. 

step 2

Exposition of nativity scenes

Itinerary : From the Pyramid (La Baie) to the village of Rivière-Eternité

Planned Activities : While passing through the villages of Saint-Félix-d'Otis and Rivière-Éternité. Learn about the great fire of Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, native Americans history and visit the annual exposition of nativity scenes.

step 3

Covered bridge painters

Itinerary : From the village of Rivière-Eternity to the village of Anse-Saint-Jean (covered bridge)
Planned Activities : Visit the covered bridge and its exposition of great painters from the region. Walk along the historical rue du faubourg (ancestral homes)

step 4

Saguenay National Park

Itinerary : From Anse-Saint-Jean (covered bridge) to the National Park (Anse-de-Tabatière)
Planned Activities :Theme: Fjord formation and geology. Visit of L'Anse-de-Tabatière (National Park the 7th most beautiful view in Canada). 

step 5

Anse-Saint-Jean (marina area)

Itinerary : From the National Park (Anse-de-Tabatière) to Anse-Saint-Jean (Marina area )
Planned Activities : At the pier, visit at your leisure the local craft boutiques, ancestral homes and marina while enjoying an extraordinary view of the bay of Anse-Saint-Jean

step 6

Itinerary : From the Village of Anse-Saint-Jean back to the Port area (La Baie)
Time and distance :
 50 minutes / 68 km


This guided tour included

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This tour includes transportation by 15 passenger van with guide and the entry fee to the Park Saguenay (Anse-de-Tabatière). Boarding for this tour is at the port area of La Baie (Saguenay) Note that a guide will accompany you throughout the trip, to provide animation and interpretation of various themes: the history of settlement along the banks of the Saguenay, the concepts of National Park Saguenay and the Saguenay-St Lawrence, the geological history of the Saguenay Fjord.

What to bring


- Sunglasses

- Money and cards (debit, credit)

- Camera

- Sunscreen

- Comfortable Shoes for walking and good socks

- Warm sweater

- Wear windproof and waterproof

- Cap / Hat 

- And your smile!



*Private tours (6 people or less) / canadian dollar


825$ Private tours (7 people)

930$ Private tours (8 people)

1035$ Private tours (9 people)

1140$ Private tours (10 people)

1245$ Private tours (11 people)

1350$ Private tours (12 people)

1455$ Private tours (13 people)

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